Retirement Planning

Face it, you only get one shot at a successful retirement. Whether you are in your 40's, 50's or 60's, Just Financial Planning Inc. has a proven track record of helping people meet their retirement goals.

retirement planning roanoke vaSuccessful retirement planning consists of three phases:

Accumulation Planning: This stage, which lasts until about age 50, will have the most dramatic effect on your ability to have a financially secure retirement.

Transition to Retirement: This is the period where retirement is in sight, and the level of post retirement income can be affected but not changed radically.

Living in Retirement: Someone who retires at age 65 has an additional life expectance of 16.5 years. When you consider the effects of inflation, health care costs and shrinking government benefits, one must be extremely careful to continue the financial planning process to insure a successful retirement. 

Just Financial Planning can help in all phases of retirement planning. To find out how, call Walt Kearns, Certified Financial Planner™, of Salem, Virginia for an initial consultation at no cost or obligation.

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