Mutual Funds

Since the late 1980’s, investors have put more money into mutual funds than into individual stocks or bonds.  In our opinion, this trend will never be reversed.  Therefore, it is important for investors to completely understand mutual fund investing.  In addition, most employer sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, SEPs and SIMPLE, require employees to choose from a given set of mutual funds.  

How can investors possibly choose the right funds, given the fact that there were more than 7,581 mutual funds at the end of 2011?  That figure does not include the newer type of mutual fund, the exchange traded fund (ETF’s). At Just Financial Planning, Inc., we are constantly performing due diligence on mutual funds, both traditional and ETF’s.  We have been successful in identifying funds with no commissions, low expense ratios, well-known fund companies and good long-term performance.  If you are a mutual fund investor for your retirement plan, personal account or college funds, come see us.  We will be happy to explain our selection process.

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